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Built on peace and love.


New Beginnings of Natural Healing CBD Dispensary was founded under life changing circumstances. I moved to Las Cruces, New Mexico with my beautiful family in search of change and acceptance. We were just over Evansville, Indiana. Long story, short we are back! We failed, epically. Life just happened. But It was the experiences and encounters that reflected on the change needed in our lives.

New Mexico is a Legal state, so I sought out for a natural alternative for my Severe Anxiety and Manic Depressive Bi Polar. The Prozac didn't work, nor did the Lexapro, Celexa, Abilify, Klonapin, Xanex, and Wellbeuchren. Too many side effects! They made me a zombie that didn't feel at all. My biggest problem has always been letting my anxiety run my life. I was at the end of the rope. Hating myself, Being depressed for no reason, letting the demons consume me.

Soon I met a Medical Professional whom guided me to a Full Spectrum CBD Oil. I started taking Nuleaf Naturals the beginning of 2018. My life had drastically changed since then. I am proud to say I have not gone back to that person I hate so much. I can float with the waves! while I used to struggle to stay above water as they crashed down on me. I found mental clarity. It wasn't everyone around me that pushed me down. It was me. I was my worst enemy! When I should have been my best friend. But I couldn't control it. The Doctors were right about one thing, I had a chemical imbalance. My mother found pain relief and was ridden of severe depression. My little girl like any young child, was a whirl wind of energy and couldn't stay on topic. By adding CBD to her diet she now is more focused and calmer! Why does it work for so many different ailments? The Endocannabinoid System. CBD is a nutrient to us. Just like iron and potassium. Explore our page for more info, give a call, or visit us! We are here to guide you in taking your life back with a natural approach. The earth has everything our bodies need to function. Together lets come back to our roots.


CBD and Healing.

The Hemp plant is made up of over 113 cannabinoids. CBG, CBN, CBD, and THC are just a few. CBD holds the most medicinal properties making up around 40% of the plant. CBD assists with many things! Such as, anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADHD, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, pain, inflammation, COPD, MS, fibromyalgia, eczema, scoriasis, and very much more. We are most proud of Nuleaf Naturals full spectrum CBD oil. Nuleaf is made only with WHOLE PLANT EXTRACT and Hemp seed oil carrier. No additives, 100% organic, female only Therapeutic hemp. Nuleaf has been proven by Scientists within the Hadassah Medical School of Jerusalem to help your body reach homeostasis, a complete balance. This is where we need to be to function at our fullest potential. Only a TRUE and PURE full spectrum can do so. We also have Isolate and Broad spectrum options available for those who need a non-thc alternative.


Our Promise to You

 Here at New Beginnings CBD dispensary in Evansville, IN we promise to do everything we can to leave you with all questions answered and all concerns addressed. You will leave us with peace of mind and a spark of hope lit within your heart. We promise to help you change your life with the right CBD treatment for your personal needs. Whether a CBD Oil, topical, or some of our delicious treats we aim to do our best to direct you properly. What we do within the present reflects on our future. With us the future is bright! Your body is a temple. Remember it is all about what you consume. Let us guide you on your path of natural healing. 


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Call or visit anytime. We are here to answer any questions you may have regarding a CBD oil, and anything involving your specially designed CBD treatment. Everyone is different. We pride ourselves in being a strong source of information and guidance here at New Beginning CBD dispensary in Evansville, IN.

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